How To Remove Pattern/password Lock from Samsung Galaxy ace

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5 minutes to remove Android locked screen without any data loss:

How To Remove Pattern Lock from Samsung Galaxy ace

this will delete everything off your phone

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29 Comments on "How To Remove Pattern/password Lock from Samsung Galaxy ace"

  1. Do I lose all my data on the phone i mean photos,music co.?

  2. But in my phone it is coming as downloading and do not disconnect the cord

  3. Thanks broo…..
    Super you….

  4. Man I hate these software things claiming to do stuff, then find out they require root, does not support device, requires you to unlock your phone so that you can unlock your phone – I mean seriously…

    And then there's slightly misleading titles with an ad link with video content of a hard reset – at least say it's a hard reset! And also Galaxy Ace isn't listed in that software so…

  5. Sounded like he is saying "patent"

  6. Hey hope you see this, my brother blocked my iPhone because he forgot his iCloud password and when he reset it, it’s asking for the password which he doesn’t have a clue, and he forgot his email. Can you help me figure out to unblock it? I rang apple and they said to go to apple to get it unlocked which would cost me a bomb. Hope to see a reply x

  7. Thanks a lot ,really very happy

  8. Pettyam cod telusukovadam ela frend

  9. when i press 3 keys downloading option show on display why??

  10. Very simple instructions and straight to the point. Thank You.

  11. How to break of my OPPO mob. pattern lock

  12. thanku so much. it worked

  13. ادقلك.تحيه ياكافر


  15. thnx bro 😀😘😘😁😁

  16. You're my private saviour

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