Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite and T3 Lite Hands on!

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Android tablets may be a dying breed, but Huawei thinks there’s still a place for affordable, portable machines. Are the new MediaPad M3 Lite and T3 Lite worth buying and what’s new? Let’s find out!

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26 Comments on "Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite and T3 Lite Hands on!"

  1. IPS screen? NO.
    I'd rather pay more for a gorilla glass screen; IPS screens feel cheap and unpleasant to the touch.


  3. How do you think this compared to the Nexus 7? Lol I know it's from 2013, but it's still my daily source of media consumption. I don't like iPad or giant tablets, so I've been looking for an updated 7-8" tablet.

  4. i think youre switching up the T3 and m3 lite up… just saying

  5. Please do review of Huawei nova 2 Plus 😞

  6. I have no problem with my android tablets. If you buy the cheap ones you will get problems. I have a Samsung and a Nexus and both work perfectly. To say Apple are just the best is tiresome but maybe true lol. The thing is Apple are really expensive and way overpriced on everything but they do not do a cheap range only high end so this is why they are classed as "The Best" and this is why they are probably good at what they do.

    Don't buy the cheap android tablets you will get problems and they are so slow. Only go for the top end. Apple are only top end and this is why usually you get good results as they do not do a basic range and I really have to agree with their stand on that.

  7. galaxy view is the best tablet right now. With that tablet you enjoy the movies or YouTube better. And I'm using more the galaxy view more than my phone s8plus.

  8. Susback channel me please mr.

  9. lmao people buy this? Lmao ahahahhaha

  10. Galaxy Tab S3 is still the dominant one

  11. so i don't know how often you check the comment section but a shout out would be great thanks I am attempting to get a youtube channel going and have no subs

  12. I don't understand why do we need even more budget android tablets… Just make a flagship already! Compete with the damn iPad! I know Huawei could do it. The Honor 9, Mate 9 and P10 obliterate the iphones so…

  13. I was interested in a tablet to replace my again Nexus 7 but then I saw this skin on top of Android so I said forget it.

  14. Guys police siren at 1:08 sorry for being random

  15. This is about the most meh product I think I've ever seen… The chipset and the RAM can only do so much, it would have been fine for media consumption, but then they chuck a lower resolution screen in there…

  16. Is just a Samsung tablet with a different name..

  17. I have the M3, it's a very very good tablet, if not the best for the price

  18. Can you please launch a video on
    Unboxing Huawei mediapad M3 lit

  19. Android tablet is good or windows tablet is good???

  20. How much this tablet?

  21. We don't need Lite budget tablets in the US because we have Fire tablets. We need a bezeless 7 or 8 "

  22. The walls at the back definitely need some work…seriously…

  23. Is there a tablet that mainly focuses on multimedia consumption? A tab that has a 1080 reso, 10inch screen size IPS screen is good but if Amoled is possible it will be awesome. Just put a mediocre camera (front cam is not necessary) and focus on a very nice stereo speaker. A chipset that can playback 60fps 1080p video And is running stock android? Remove other unnecessary stuff so it will be priced reasonably.

  24. I have terrible news…

    you have BUG EYES!

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