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This is the graphics update that I was waiting for! This update, GRID™ Autosport 1.2.4 iOS version adds:
– better performance
– more details in the distance
– more details on car wraps
– dynamic shadows
– new wheels
– sunflare
– new particle effects ( 0:24 )
– motion blur/unavailable on iPhone one 7 Plus/
– depth of field effect /unavailable on iPhone one 7 Plus/

It’s so good to see as objects on the track cast a shadow on the car and even the car casts a shadow on itself!
What do you…

16 Comments on "INSANE GRID AUTOSPORT GRAPHICS UPDATE! [ GRID Autosport 1.2.4 iOS ] iPhone 7 Plus"

  1. What do you think about this update?

  2. Cundo va a salir en android ?

  3. Still don’t understand why they don’t improve the graphics of the interior. It feels like i’m playing a 1990’s racer when i switch to interior cam

  4. Damn bro these graphics are sick! 😎🤙🏻

  5. Try night races! They look stunning

  6. You know? not only graphic, optimization became much better.Now you feel no heating issue during racing on your iphone. Insane. Meanwhile, feeling better carmera work. Perfect running on iphone7 as well.

  7. I agree. This update is insane. noW Grid is perfect.

  8. It makes 0 sense if they dont port it to andriod, the graphic would be better honestly with my Note 8

  9. Android release date ?? Graphics looks awesome

  10. It looks realistic 😁

  11. The graphics looks Exactly as PC Game now… ☺️

  12. Looks great… ☺️

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