Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Backup & Restore Tutorial

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To do this u will need a rooted device!! If your phone needs rooting i will leave a link to my how to root tutorial video below!!Once rooted u can go ahead and follow this video to backup your stock rom ,when finished backing up u can move onto the next step which would be to install the rom of your choice but i would recommend flashing Omega Rom because its fast and bug free!!!If u dont know how to install Omega Rom i will also leave my tutorial…

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  1. Will my memory delite or not

  2. well made video to reccover and backup phone

  3. okay i have a rooted device but whenever i am in rebooting to the recovery, i never get to see backup and restore what can i do about this? Any useful suggestion would be appreciated please.

  4. I need help about my note 2 I just want to recover and restore all the pictures, contacts, videos and some apps. my note was reset all of them was lost even the settings of my note. Pls. Help me. thanks

  5. mene apna note 2 ko cm 12.1 lolipop 5.1 root kiya muje ye acha nahi laga me data backup kRna bhul gaya plzz me apna fone vapas 4.4.2 kese root kR sakta hu plzz help.meeee

  6. appa are delated or not

  7. pls help me open my note 2. it does not want to turn on

  8. thnx…. i need a help.. i want to recover deleted poto from note2… pls hlp?

  9. Hey any tips on the instagram video upload if I reset my note 2 will it work

  10. my android logo is dead! how can i fix it???

  11. Hiw to retreve the navigation app

  12. to get those apps back u would need to flash a custom rom which has those apps or u could always reurn to the stock firmware that came with the phone

  13. Ive deleted a few factory apps like the navigation. How do i get it back with out loosing my contacts vids pic and accounts? Please let me know

  14. @erick thats the exact I information im trying to get, im scared to factory reset my phone lol

  15. One more question what does Rooting a phone mean

  16. Does anybody know how I can backup my phone without deleting my videos and pictures and contact, im not really familiar with it

  17. how to backup when my note 2 GT-N7105 is in boot loop ????

  18. it should be there look good it should say backup and restore

  19. Hey bro…. did you have any more way to Root my note2 version 4.1.2

  20. it backs i to your sd card bro

  21. where does it backup to and does it take up allot memory as i want to back up but start installing roms

  22. How to repair a video mp4 corrupted while moving it on Note 2 from folder to another?

  23. Hey shadowsniperhuddz!
    I have a problem with my GN2, it is laggy and so I want to hard reset it, but as it will erase all the info I have on it I want to backup all the stuff on it, to restore it after. So here is my question:
    does backup save photos/videos/S Note folders/ contacts/ and other stuff?
    And i've noticed a "backup" function in Kies, does this work as well?
    thx for the answer 🙂

  24. i agree i think the s pen is a waste of time ive never used it i prefer my fingers lol

  25. Why arent u usin the s pen?

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